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Tourist Trap

Are you ready to take a trip through Trap music? Dstrukt brings you over an hour of straight heat that'll guarantee you to get TURNT! Strap on your seat belts kids, the Trap train has arrived.

Slow Sippers, Honey Dippers

Featuring tracks by: Cashmere Cat, James Blake, Tyler the Creator, Shlohmo and more...

Bedroom Bass

When listening to this mix, think future R&B. Take the drums from trap beats, and put them behind some soul samples or over some of your favorite nostalgic 90s R&B tracks. When trap meets sexxy. Enjoy that!

Cupid’s Hangover

A special Valentine's remix project influenced by some of our favorite R&B songs featuring local and global talent.

The Ratch Pack

A DJ friendly pack of some of your favorite ratchet songs.

All Dilla

A 30 minute tribute mix to one of the greatest beatsmiths to ever walk this planet! R.I.P. James Yancey AKA J Dilla AKA PayJay AKA Dilla Dawg AKA Jaydee.


12 minutes of musical mayhem. An array of 5+ genres and 21 tracks condensed in 12 minutes. Your ears are going to need seat belts because you're about to be taken on a ride through exclusive remixes and quick transitions.


The first installment of our “HGB Heads Up Mix Series” features Gaveegav vs. SmoovGroovs. In paring these 2 DJ’s that are known to keep it real smooth on the selection, the result is a perfect mix just in time for summer. “Crushin’” is an eclectic mix of uptempo beats, and soulful heaters. Bump it in your whip on a hot summer day with the windows open, while driving up PCH with your honey dip!

Butter on Butter

What you have is a smoothed out and euphoric blend ready for those crisp spring days. So download, hit play, and let it ride.


BVMO is a musical collective comprised of varying flavors similar to a Bodega or liquor store which has a little bit of everything




When most kids were running around with snotty noses tripping over their shoelaces, SmoovGroovs (one of SJ’s gifted gems) dove into the musical world at an early age of 6–learning to play classical piano. Evolving towards a musician via playing keys as a youngin’ to frequently taking control of dance floors on the decks, “Benny Groovman” can always be found swaying dancing souls who tap their feet to his very own “SmoovGroovs”

Inspired by his cousins in the early 90′s creating a buzz in the mobile dj scene and local legends such as the Invisibl Skratch Piklz. Benjamin Bercasio didn’t take long to realize his calling. The same very hands that began dicing up classical piano music now began blessing two Technics and any keyboard within reach. SmoovGroovs doesn’t shy away from any genres; he can be seen soulfully lacing together House, HipHop, Electonic, and Uptempo blends one night, and the next, unleashing an array of future sounds surely to make hipsters dance their way out of their brand new “vintage” shoes.

SmoovGroovs’ versatility keeps him ahead of the pack in a city coated with DJ’s. He has that baker’s blend of the right ingredients to ensure weekend eargasms at any venue he blesses. He wakes up daily with a persistent goal that guides his life which he states, “I want to push the current music envelope to undiscovered places”. I think it’s safe to say SmoovGroovs is moonwalking like MJ in the 80′s—–and that’s a good thing.


You often ponder the significance behind a DJ’s name… How did that come about? Time? Place? In the case of SheaButter, his name was given to him by a mystery-flavor, cinnamon-skinned angel.

The man who “speaks with his hands” can be seen spinning in the South Bay, Santa Cruz to Purist Boutique in SF, to cross town parks where his music is enjoyed just as much as the Senorita Bread. SheaButter reflects on his style remembering “getting woken up by his mom’s tunes from the Afro Cuban Rhythms and Santana to Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder”. Those early morning wake up calls became embedded in the mind and soul of SheaButter as heard through his eclectic, free flowing genre crushing mixes showered with “green”smooth(ie) blends. He connects genres similar to the way the Bay Bridge connects land.

The ‘wise elephant’ is constantly keeping his ears open to unheard music. He thrives off the new talent buzzing in the city he chooses to call home and spies parallels to “old Stonesthrow vibes” when working with fellow BVMO kin Dstruskt & SmoovGroovs. He speaks for the lost abstract spirits that leave their music behind for honest souls. There is a certain calmness Butter possesses as if he has been chosen to instinctively continue playing music for those that pursue their passions.



Residing from the city of San Jose lays one of the bay area’s most dynamic DJs. Derrick de Mayo, known throughout the DJ world as Dstrukt, began carving his path through the local turntablist scene around 2000. The precision in his art is exemplified via his hard hitting remixes and unforgettable battles. Soon enough, Dstrukt’s aptitude lead him southbound to the City of Angels where he joined forces with LA’s own Acrylick Clothing, being named their official DJ for the well-respected clothing line in 2005. His grind didn’t stop there….D was involved with “The World Famous Wake Up Show”, compiling daily mixes for the show and most importantly learning from the shows OG’s in Dj King Tech, Sway and Dj Revolution.

Dstrukt’s style is head on collision of the best of both worlds. His combination of technical skills and a “forever young” attitude behind the 1′s and 2′s does more than inspire aspiring djs. He shines while bridging the gap within a growing community of hungry artists in his hometown of San Jose.

His energy is like the flu, contagious as s**t! When he’s not dropping jaws at Red Bull Battles, he is either blending Dilla beats over carefully placed Michael Jackson vocals at Dilla Tributes or zoning out in outer “scratch” space with some of the best in the game. He’s already considered one of San Jose’s greats by fellow dj’s and now eagerly awaits his chance to take on the world.


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